Arcs, Sparks and Corona Glow

The Good Dr. Professor Anderson


123 Street Ave. North


February 6 - 8


X:XX pm - X:XX pm

This performance displays the brilliantly colored light created by High Voltage Arcs, Sparks and Corona Glow. This is man-made lightning and thunder, only slightly tamed, and is brought close to people so they can see the beauty in these arcs. Demonstrations are 15-20 minutes and showcase the arcs generated by three different Tesla Coils and ten other types of HV apparatus with arc lengths up to 3 feet long. Intense electromagnetic fields are created, so in an abundance of caution, people with implanted medical electronics should not attend.

The Good Dr. Professor Anderson, a physicist and engineer, is a Maker of Tesla Coils with arcs up to 7 feet long. He is fascinated by the beauty of the colored light from the Arcs, and feels the Intensity and deadly Attraction of being (almost) nose to nose with 500,000 volts of electricity.

Photo: Don Anderson


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