Portland Winter Light Festival 2021
Call for Pop-Up Installations

February 5-6 & February 12-13, 2021

Celebrate light, art, and community by participating in Portland Winter Light Festival activities this February, 2021! 

The Portland Winter Light Festival will take an entirely new form this year to safely reflect the current pandemic reality. Instead of producing the large, centralized festival event of previous years, we are looking to fill Portland with art by presenting pop-up light art installations throughout the city. Part of our mission is to invigorate Portland in the winter and what better way to do that than invite artists, individuals, and businesses to participate? 

We are calling on you to set up light-based art installations in windows, storefronts, office buildings, and more! 

Themes of connection, environmentalism, and breaking through barriers are highly encouraged. 

Installations can take the form of:

  • Light-based art or sculpture in storefront windows

  • Colorful and creative outdoor lighting

  • Video projections

  • Creative multimedia installations viewable from the street

  • Multimedia art in the digital realm

  • And more! 

Light festival activities will take place February 5-6, & February 12-13, 2021 and will be located throughout the city. The expanded timeline and decentralized footprint is meant to allow guests more space and time to view the installations, minimize crowding, and allow for physical distancing while still celebrating light and art in our community during the darkest time of year. All installations should be visible from the street, and attendees will be asked to stay physically distant and wear masks. 

The Portland Winter Light Festival will publish an online map and bike route of all of the installations, and in the spirit of the light festival attendees will be encouraged to light up their bikes and clothing and explore! 

If you have an idea for an art installation, or would like to be paired with an artist to install a piece in your window, please fill out the application form by Thursday, December 17. 

We hope you will join with us in filling Portland with light and art this February! All pop-up installations will be promoted as part of the festival and will be included in our online map and on social media. 

Questions? Email art@pdxwlf.com.

The theme for 2021 is A Brighter Future. We invite you to consider ideas of connection, the environment, and breaking barriers. Please see below for the full thematic inspiration by Artistic Director Chris Herring. 

Theme 2021: A Brighter Future

As we leave the darkness behind us, let us turn all eyes ahead.
Plant our feet firmly into the earth and move forward together.
It's time for us to give each other a gift.

Makers, miners, machinists, and magicians!

This year the light is in your hands.
Bring the color.
The spectrum
Make your ideas real.

Persons, pioneers, planners, and perfectionists!

It’s your turn to sparkle.
Show us your radiance, glow, and rainbows.
Take them out of your pocket and toss them into the air for all to see.

Creatives, cogs, citizens, and centenarians!

Choose a color to be a beacon for your community.
Find new ways to connect, make art, make light, and show your true color.

It's 2021, we are deep in the future, the only one we have.
Let's run headfirst into possibility and make a better tomorrow. 
The 21st century is demanding change.

Let our light guide us out of the darkness.


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