Visible Sound uses cymatics, the visualization of sound in a physical medium, to present classical chamber music in a way that is both visible and audible. In this particular manifestation a camera is suspended over a 3d printed dish filled with liquid. This dish is attached to a transducer so that when sound is played it creates waveforms in the liquid depending on the frequency and amplitude applied. A sound-reactive light ring attached to the end of the camera reflects light off of the medium back into the camera sensor and visualizes the waveforms. Visible Sound includes musical performances by members of Classical Revolution PDX and cymatic interpretations by Consilient Multimedia.

Classical Revolution PDX is a non-profit organization dedicated to making classical music more accessible. In addition to curated events throughout the year, they host a monthly Chamber Jam, a classical music open mic, at the Waypost on North Williams every 3rd Sunday of the month. Consilient Multimedia is available for installations, workshops, performances, and art focused on cymatics (the study of visible sound).


Cymatic Chambers

Classical Revolution PDX & Consilient Multimedia

World Trade Center Auditorium: 26 SW SALMON ST


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