"My image is the lamp lit in the middle of the night" (Octavio Paz).

The columns in this installation were each created by sophomore level architecture students to act as daytime orienting devices for the human body in finding its place in the world from the vantage point of the Shattuck Hall third floor roof terrace. For the festival they are gathered in the dark as steadfast placeholders in the disorientating shadow of night, animated by the ephemerality of artificial light, offering both the pleasures of momentary distraction alongside the revelatory potential of always finding oneself lost.

PSU School of Architecture sophomore design studio students are discovering the role that large artifacts play in the innovation and embodiment of communal meaning.


Finding yourself lost in the dark

Portland State University, School of Architecture, Arch 280 Design Studios

Shattuck Hall 3rd Floor Roof Terrace: 1914 SW PARK


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