S’more Art Co.

(Collaborators) Alissa Kolom & Bailey Haack


123 Street Ave. North


February 6 - 8


X:XX pm - X:XX pm

Visit the Mediterrariums — meditation terrariums — to imagine a world beyond everyday reality! Larger than life otherworldly plant forms grow contained in a huge terrarium that can barely contain their surreal glow. Enjoy the ambience from the ferns and contemplate the beauty of our own earth in this inviting, wonderous space that sparks interest in nature’s possibilities.

Among other endeavors, artists Bailey Haack and Alissa Kolom of S’more Art Co. work with the creators who produce, design and build big art for music and art festivals. Bailey is a Midwest-grown floral designer whose plant-passion inspires all her mixed-media arts. Alissa is a Californian project manager and photographer. When not making weird art, the two can be found exploring with their dog best friends, or roasting perfectly golden marshmallows by a campfire.

Photo: Alissa Kol - AliKol Photography



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