PDX Disco Dragons are wearable light-up dragon costumes. Misty created the first Dragon, Porngy (pink & orange) in 2014 for a friend's birthday light parade. More dragons followed, each one a little lighter, more compact, some with body sections, and all with more mirrors and LEDs! The PDX Disco Dragons have attended all three Portland Winter Light Festivals. They have also danced their way through the last two Starlight Parades, delighting (and scaring just a few) children and adults. The Dragons accidentally started the 2018 Luminary parade on a rainy night in Olympia at the Procession of the Species. They will be back at PDXWLF 2019 roaming around the grounds and dancing in the Lantern Parade. Keep an eye out for a bouncing, dancing, giggling, roving mass of pink, orange, white, green and silver!

Misty Post is always making something fun. She is a local Portland artist. She loves sharing creative ideas with friends and strangers, including scavenger hunts, random parades, life sized Clue and Foosball, and encouraging laughter at all times. If you hear loud giggling, she is probably close by.



PDX Disco Dragons

Misty Post and Peeps



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