REM Koolblanket

Holst Architecture


123 Street Ave. North


February 6 - 8


X:XX pm - X:XX pm

REM Koolblanket is a suspended reality that envelopes the user in its modular manipulations. Its materiality defies categorization. It is hard softness, static movement, weighty lightness. Using all the tensile, textural, and ethereal qualities of fabric, REM Koolblanket twinkles with the movements of the observer while an ethereal dreamscape is projected onto the layered surfaces.

Holst Architecture is a women-owned design studio that prioritizes the human experience of space in our design solutions. We strive to ensure that a holistic concept guides every project from design through construction. Our skilled designers in the Central Eastside Industrial District have been creating innovative places tailored to each client’s needs, while expressing the highest environmental, social, and aesthetic ideals, since 1992.

Photo: Holst Architecture



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