Ring of Fire

Wildstone Arts

(Collaborators) Mattress Thibault, Kelsey Wildstone, Andras Blake, Bobby Schiesz, Enoch Tom Root, Aimee Wildstone, Jessica Thibault & Nathaniel Wildstone


123 Street Ave. North


February 6 - 8


X:XX pm - X:XX pm

Ring of Fire is a collaboration between Mattress Thibault and Kelsey Wildstone as part of the Wildstone Arts collective. The piece was built as a fusion of interactive fire and ambient light for Pacific Fire Gathering (PFG) in 2018, with a goal of scaling up to a larger system of flame effects. The piece features an array of ten individually controlled flame effects that can be activated by audience members, to produce delightful fireballs at the press of a button. Besides being interactive, the piece is designed to create an ambience of fire and light, as a backdrop for fire performance and dance.

Photo: David Vitz


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