Glowing in the river, this school of salmon plays off the lights of the Tilikum Crossing and invites you to imagine the wonders of a river teeming with life as it once was. Even today there are salmon in our city, but as their numbers dwindle many of us have already forgotten them. Can we imagine a gentler, more beautiful future? If we could recapture our wonder and awe of the world around us, perhaps we could become the stewards our environment needs. But time is running out — we need to step forward now before our nearly forgotten neighbors are gone forever

Joss Mallett is a Design Consultant with Neil Kelly Design/Build. One of her favorite projects was working with local artists and tile makers to create the installations under the Tilikum Crossing bridgeheads. Taking breaks from the practical to make works that serve only to share beauty and tell stories helps replenish her creative soul. 

Matt Sipes is a designer for Neil Kelly, a prominent remodeling company in Portland, Oregon, and has worked in the remodeling industry for over 20 years. His current position is a Design Consultant. The job allows him to design dozens of different remodeling projects a year and he loves it! In Matt’s off time he designs and builds less functional things like fire sculptures and lighted fish.


Salmon in the City

Matt Sipes & Joss Mallett



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