Sponsorship of the Portland Winter Light Festival allows us to produce a world-class light festival right here, invigorating Portland in the winter. 


The 2022 Festival will take place over nine days and will be a decentralized festival with a presence in downtown Portland and throughout neighborhood business districts, allowing the community to experience art all across the city. Dynamic digital projections, sculptures and performances will be interspersed with community pop-up installations in windows and storefronts that will entice attendees to explore the city and visit local businesses. This new dynamic format ensures that more businesses, organizations, and neighborhoods can be involved, increasing equitable access to free art for more individuals and families, and bringing vitality to our city.


Right now, our community is looking to art and creativity to help us collectively process and repair the experiences of the past year and to reinvigorate Portland. Last year the art at the light festival addressed themes of mental health, the pandemic, climate change, and through all of those hard topics the artwork gave guests a sense of wonder, whimsy, and diversion that was so needed. The light festival provides an opportunity for people in Portland to come together to play, experience collective joy, and build community through creativity.

Join us in creating community and providing accessible art to everyone FREE of charge. For more information, please contact Ashley Schmidt - Development Manager at donate@pdxwlf.com

Header photo: Morrison Bridge Lights by Willamette Light Brigade. Photo by Remaining Light Photography.