Stories Around the Fire evokes the human tradition of gathering around fire to share warmth and wisdom through story. In these times, we recognize the importance of hearing unique stories from varied voices. We invite individual communities of Cascadia to program an evening of storytelling during the event. We provide a space and production support to storytellers during PDXWLF, with promotion of participants and content. With the elements of light and community — cornerstones of the Portland Winter Light Festival — the series offers a shared experience, exploring how we can connect as strangers when we gather. Set aside from the hubbub, this intimate setting, with fire art adjacent to benches and covering, presents a comfortable space for engagement. Visitors are able to find respite and reflection from the storytelling experience.


Photo credit: Meri Lee Photography

Stories Around The Fire

"Aurora" Dora Redman & Tom Bennett

EASTSIDE: Caruthers Plaza


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