Of course, our understanding of deep space, deep time and life as we know it… is all owed to the microscope and use of light… but just how does this all work?! In this talk we dip into the basics of how and why geologists use light to understand the crystal structure of rocks, the tools they use to do so, and just how studying rocks has lead us to discover earth, the solar system, and the universe! Beautiful images of minerals beneath the microscope will accompany us on our journey.

Tami is a generalist! After graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Studies, minoring in Geology, she has bounced around from collecting science data in the field to working in the laboratory. Her background in science ranges from studying streams in heavily logged areas to counting salmon in the streams of the Willamette Valley. For the last four years, she has been working as a geologic technician at a small lab in Vancouver, Washington, making geology slides. After work, she spends her free time coming up with ideas for her art project platform MiNERAL ViSiONS. Her goal in mind is to inspire others to allow their creative ideas to crystalize, and to engage with science in new creative ways.


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The Hidden Crystal Structure of Rocks Revealed by Light

Tami Clark



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