Vaudeville Vision Quest

Joseph Hollingsworth

(Collaborators)  Eli March,  Allie T.,  Scramble James & Ken Sutter


123 Street Ave. North


February 6 - 8


X:XX pm - X:XX pm

Circus Luminescence is an innovative troupe specializing in entertainment without boundaries. Enter a vaudeville vision quest through an illuminated universe of unbounded imagination. Featuring a noveau fusion of LED juggling, hooping, poetry, acrobatics, theatre, and magic, the psychedelic stylings of Circus Luminescence is a treat for the eyes, ears, and soul.

Produced by Eli March and Scramble James, Circus Luminescence is a group of artists who have set out to bring light into the darkness and laughter into the air. They believe the fun they have onstage is contagious to the whole audience, and magic is a state of mind.

Photo: Jeremy Running


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