WELCOME is an installation and participatory experience that will serve as a beacon to actively welcome the public to PSU’s campus during the 2019 Portland Winter Light Festival. The glowing installation will respond to the activity of passers-by and amplify the actions of our WELCOME committee on the ground. Our group has reflected on what it means to feel welcome and you, our dear guests, are invited to participate in the collective power of light. Come on over and enjoy a moment of pause, get oriented, find what you need on your way to the rest of the Portland Winter Light Festival.

PSU’s Friendtorship aims to increase access to design and arts learning for underserved high school students, empowering them to engage in experiential creative processes that better their communities. PSU Design and CPS high school students worked with Kelsey Snook, who shared her expertise in public participation and industrial design. Kelsey’s approach is based on creating great stories, designing experiences to tell those stories, with a careful plan for getting people to engage and participate.



Lead Artist, Kelsey Snook with collaborators: PSU’s Friendtorship program Centennial Park School Eric Michael Beug

PSU Student Rec Center: 1ST FLOOR

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM